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Podcast Ep022: What Sparked The Notting Hill Riots?


Podcast Ep022: What Sparked The Notting Hill Riots?

Aidan McManus and I discuss the Notting Hill Riots, Political Ambitions, Kelso’s Funeral. Was there a police cover up?

What Sparked The Notting Hill Riots?

On the 17th May 1959 whilst walking home from visiting Paddington General Hospital Kelso Cochrane was violently attacked on Southam Street pronounced dead an hour the assault.

Cochrane, a Carpenter was born in Antigua, moved from the United States to Notting Hill and on the 6th June 1959 over 1200 people attended his funeral.

Aidan McManus the founder of flipside London Tours explores the dark spaces others choose to ignore takes us on a journey during the last years of the 1950’s.

In this episode I asked Aidan about the murder itself, the background leading up to this tragic event and those responsible. I also wanted to know whether the police protected black immigrants and what part was Oswald Moseley playing?

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