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Podcast Ep017 How British Weightlifting Rids Depression


Podcast Ep017 How British Weightlifting Rids Depression

Monique Newton is an astonishing normal girl power lifting and encouraging and helping young people to turn lives around should they be suffering from depression too

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British Weightlifting Has Helped Monique Newton Overcome Severe Depression.

She is an Astonishing Normal Girl Power Lifting. An Actual Champion Encouraging and Helping Young People.

What if I told you that it is possible to lift 3 x times your own bodyweight, would you believe me?

What if I told you that my next guest was homeless at 15 and is able to lift 3 x times her body weight? You’d probably say that’s good for her.

What If I told you that her life had spiraled so completely out of control becoming homeless at the age of fifteen, with life seeming to be that bad, situations that could only be described as horrific that she almost succeeded in taking her own life; and today is able to lift 3 x her bodyweight? You’d probably want to know a little more about her story right?

But what if I told you that before she found herself in really dark place, homeless and suicidal from pressures that were killing her battling cancer at the age of 2 and now able to lift 3 x times her body weight? You’d probably be thinking to yourself no one deserves Cancer right?

What if I told you that not only did she survive cancer, found herself homeless at 15, almost succeeded in taking her own life and spent 7 months in Roehampton Hospital clinically depressed to have become one of the worlds best power lifters winning three world championships and breaking over 45 British and European records including being the ambassador of three different charities all before the age of 23! If you are like me, that’s inspirational!!

From such a young age herself with an overwhelming sense of not being able to cope, no support network she felt she could no longer go on. During her gradual downward spiral she stopped going to college not able to go out and when she did it was with the within the wrong crowd eventually taking an overdose to end her time in this world.

The thing that is so inspirational is that with everything she had been through including her time in hospital recovering from depression she went on to becoming a a power lifting champion winning the very first competition she entered from there she has consistently broken British and European records. No nemesis she just looks at the numbers and competes against herself.

Even more astonishing is that she is the ambassador of three Charities with her own called the Smile Brigade which was founded in 2012 which has handed out three thousand meals so far.

Today she works at St Charles Hospital as an Activity Coordinator, trains twice a day at Westway Centre and other ambassador roles include Nuero Blastnoma Children’s Charity alliance and Centre Point.

Her next competition is in June 2016 where she’ll attempt to beat hear own Deadlift record of 150KG

Monique Newton @smilebrigadeuk @XMoniqueAmyX

GB Powerlifter ~ 150kg Deadlift ~ Charity Ambassador for Young Minds, Centrepoint & NCCAUK ~ Aspiring Author~Public Speaker~Cancer Survivor & Activist!

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