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Podcast Ep016: How To Get into Acting


Podcast Ep016: How To Get into Acting

I Love The Grove Interview Christopher Obi and Liam Reilly Founders of Actor in Session
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Want To Know How To Get into Acting?

Christopher Obi and Liam Reilly, Actors not only immensely passionate for their craft, they are immensely talented!

Christopher is best known for Snow White and Huntsman 2012, The counselor 2013 and Burke and Hare 2010 and Directed ‘Perfect’ staring Tom Hardy. Liam’s works include The caretaker, Call the midwife and Julius Caesar.

They have also worked with names such as Daniel Craig and including Tom Hardy which we cover in the podcast. They have also created an acting school called ‘Actor in Session’ whose students have appeared in Game of Thrones, The Bastard Executioner and The Royals including having students accepted in to such schools as RADA, Drama Centre and Mountview.

These guys are sought after professionals in the world of writing and directing and have buckets full of passion for their craft and lucky for ‘I Love The Grove’ they are with us for the next 20 minutes or so!

What they have achieved already is immense and I wanted to know where they’re laser like passion comes from and what was working with Tom Hardy?

What was their big why behind creating Actor in Session and having students appear in Game of Thrones and The Royals and being accepted into RADA and Mountview, what sense of achievement does this feel like? Pretty bloody special right!!

I asked them about their classes and essentially ‘GETTING THE JOB!’ and are their students currently working on any Film, TV or plays?

To contact Actor in Session please contact

07501 043 222

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