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Podcast Ep003: Got a Burst Pipe

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Podcast Ep003: Got a Burst Pipe

Staunch & Flow a Plumbing Company who provide a wide range of services including assisting Landlords, have a building and construction arm, electrical services, boiler, services, a bathroom team and of course plumbing.
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Got a Burst Pipe?

Staunch & Flow Based Out of Ladbroke Grove Are a Plumbing Company Like None I’ve Ever Seen! Just listen to the intro if nothing else.

Sitting in a low level office block across from my old primary school Barlby Road in Ladbroke Grove I’m about the record another episode of this podcast with Sam Kershaw of Staunch & Flow, a plumbing company successfully punching well above its weight.

Meeting Sam for the first time I didn’t know what to expect.

The man I heard on the phone sounded my complete opposite. Very well spoken bordering on posh: a million miles away from being the director and co founder of a salt of the earth typical working mans business. Yet, his opening gambit was that it is unfair that people will charged call out charges that otherwise could have been fixed by the person who made the call.

Have you ever heard a plumbing company suggest that? No, neither have I!

I went on to making a comment that my wife says I am not a man, as I don’t know how to be a bricklayer, kitchen fitter, carpenter or indeed a plumber, which in some respects is a fair point. I would rather pay a professional such as Sam so I know the job is done right, first attempt…………pain gone, and I escape ridicule at the next family BBQ for turning a leaking pipe into an Olympic white water rapids.

I’m sure Staunch & Flow would have a callout charge too, but if you are not impressed yet, what I wasn’t expecting what I was told next!
I was massively impressed with Sam’s opening gambit and then he trumped by telling me he has the solution to my manly hood being questioned. Once a week usually on a Wednesday Staunch & Flow run courses for people who want to learn the basics! WHAT!!?? Really!? I thought plumbing companies’ were there to take my hard earned cash, not teach me how to avoid callout charges!

Sam is dyslexic and was pretty open about it which is great and an inspiration. What I didn’t tell him was my daughter is also Dyslexic and although she is amazingly creative, awesome for her age at sport, she has severe difficulty with her schoolwork. For me, its not a problem, but as a parent hearing stories of classmates asking her questions in the playground knowing she cannot answer, makes me feel bad that I cant invisibly whisper the answers in her ear. Her being Dyslexic, is not about me, its about her and the person Sam is, what he has created with an empathy for his clients only a mother could have, is now the story my daughter has already been told and continually reminded of.

Looking at the Staunch & Flow website it almost is all attempting to push potential clients away. Its knowledge base page for example has a step-by-step guide to plumbing the garden! The thing is though, and this is why I love companies like this, is that they will likely earn more and more business for telling the truth. This company is all about educating people the right way. In need of assistance, they’re their for the client first, not the pounds in his pocket.

Despite punching well above their weight, they, like any other company, want to expand, but only when they find the right candidates!! I find this astonishing that they would rather in this day and age protect their current of future clients best interests and experience before their own pocket? So far, they have been searching for the last two years!

They provide a wide range of services including assisting Landlords, have a building and construction arm, electrical services, boiler, services, a bathroom team and of course plumbing. They are also AGA/Rayburn qualified and have even purchased a motorbike for superman emergency callouts.

Sam comes across as focused, articulate, very professional and full of empathy not just for clients and anyone he’s in contact with but also, the environment plays a big role which he explains in the podcast.

Sam Kershaw and Staunch & Flow are an inspiration to anyone. I know who i am going to be recommending : )

Staunch and Flow

Unit 28
2 Exmoor Street
W10 6BD

Telephone: 0208 964 6714

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