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Podcast Ep081: Performance Filmed in Notting Hill

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Podcast Ep081: Performance Filmed in Notting Hill

In 1970 15 minutes of the sex scenes were shown at “The Wet dream Festival” in Amsterdam and won an award!

After Killing a Rival in Self-defense, Hoodlum Chas (James Fox) Must Flee Both From The Law and From His Boss, Harry Flowers In Performance.

He eventually moves into a house owned by Turner (Mick Jagger), a former rock star who lives with female companions Pherber (Anita Pallenberg) and Lucy (Michele Breton).

This Podcast leads on from Aidan McManus top 1950’s Films.

So, Chas and Turner initially clash, but Turner becomes fascinated with Chas’ life as a criminal.

Through drugs and a series of psychological battles with Turner, Chas emerges a different man.

Performance” is a bizarre, disconnected attempt to link the inhabitants of two kinds of London underworlds: pop stars and gangsters. It isn’t altogether successful, largely because it tries too hard and doesn’t pace itself to let its effects sink in.

But it does have a kind of frantic energy, and it introduced Mick Jagger in a role that reinforced his stage image without copying it.

On its most fundamental plot level, it’s about a gangster (James Fox) who is trying to disguise himself so that he can slip out of England on a forged passport.

He meets the Jagger character by accident when he takes a basement room in a boarding house.

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